X-File: Understanding VESC: the difference between "battery amps" and "motor amps"
PXSS, post:256, topic:15995 Wrote:You are a very special kind of stupid...

@PXSS ahh, "stupid," but the math is right....

PXSS, post:256, topic:15995 Wrote:Just an attempt to talk sense to someone who doesn't have any.

PXSS, post:254, topic:15995 Wrote:The math may be right

So in simple terms:

[Image: fancy-switch.jpg]
devin, post:104, topic:7530 Wrote:I just checked IRFS7530 Power MOSFET specifications being used in some of the ESC's...

The Power MOSFET's are basically the "business end" of the ESC that does all the actual pulse power switching.

Apparently they are rated for up to 239 Battery Amps Continuous @ up to 60V

IRFS7530 Power MOSFET "FANCY SWITCH" specifications:



Pulsed Drain Current 1450 Amps!! :joy:

Continuous Drain Current Silicon Limited 239 Amps!! :joy:

Arbitrary "Motor Amp" software Limit 200 Amps!! :joy:

arbitrary (dictionary)
adjective: arbitrary

"based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system."

[Image: avg-on-amps.jpg]

Ackmaniac, post:240, topic:15995 Wrote:I do a kickpush so standstill doesn't exist in my world. When i pull the trigger i am moving already.
devin, post:247, topic:15995 Wrote:10/10/10 gives 1.6W
Hummie, post:41, topic:16953, full:true Wrote:I ride 200 motor amps.  I have almost no cogging and super smooth acceleration
longhairedboy, post:44, topic:16953 Wrote:Christ i'm tired of the virtual lynching that's going on here. Devin isn't wrong. He's just vocal, and people are getting board with it. Find something else to get bored with, like alt-facts.
@longhairedboy LOL :joy:

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@PXSS theory ?: there should be separate "adult" and "teen" versions of the VESC Software?

which version are we all using now?? ""teen VESC??"" :joy:

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Ackmaniac, post:259, topic:15995 Wrote:Maybe we use teen VESC.

@Ackmaniac my point exactly. & i certainly won't be getting any ESK8 board of my own until "Adult VESC 1.0" becomes available for download.

& I define "Adult VESC 1.0" as having no arbitrary motor/absolute amp limit max setting.

[Image: fancy-switch.jpg]

Ackmaniac, post:259, topic:15995 Wrote:That picture made my day.:joy:

Ackmaniac, post:240, topic:15995 Wrote:I do a kickpush so standstill doesn't exist in my world. When i pull the trigger i am moving already.
@Ackmaniac ^this quote made my day :joy:

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hexakopter, post:261, topic:15995 Wrote:That should be the fact that there is no log of his ride.

@hexakopter oh is that so? we'll see about that... :joy:

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Ackmaniac, post:263, topic:15995 Wrote:And we have a winner. :clap:

@Ackmaniac let me see if I follow your logic

you said you wanted 360w full throttle at all possible rpms including full throttle standstill, and asked me for advice.

i told you this requires 10/150/150

the math is right

so instead you tried 10/10/10, and incessantly talk about an error this causes, even though I explained it only gives 1.6W full throttle

so you say it would be riduculous to try higher settings.

BUT THEN, you say you are "going back" to you "old settings" which are "higher than" 10/10/10.

so which is it @Ackmaniac? you can't have it both ways! it's either ridiculous to go above 10/10/10 as you first claimed, or you know perfectly well the "error" itself is being caused by the 10/10/10 settings.

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TarzanHBK, post:265, topic:15995 Wrote:I thought that too, current will always stutter a bit up or down in reality.On the other hand, there is a clear, defined line of an absolute max on the vesc side.So everytime a current touches this line, it will shut down.

finally some logic.

@Ackmaniac 10/10/15 should give you no cutoffs at your desired 1.6W

10/150/160 should give you no cutoffs at your desired 360W

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Ackmaniac, post:267, topic:15995 Wrote:It would work but still might cause some Overcurrent errors with spikes. It is better to leave it at 130 A because this is a protection for the VESC and not meant to regulate the power output.

@Ackmaniac the MOSFET's ("Fancy Switches") are capable of 1450A pulsed (motor amps) and 239A continuous. (battery amps)

the whole idea of limiting "battery amps" = "motor amps" x (duty cycle % / 100) to:

10 battery amps
150 motor amps
160 absolute amps

^this is not going to hurt the VESC

this is about 229 battery amps and 1300 motor amps away from harming the VESC

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Hummie, post:270, topic:15995 Wrote:stop bring me up in your shit!

@Hummie like it or not, you're the one who is riding 48/200/200 on the VESC i sold you

you are the living proof 48/200/200 works just fine with your rig.

It has been claimed by @hexakopter there is "no log" of the 48/200/200 ride... actually there is a full video... I just haven't posted it out of respect for @Hummie's wishes.

@Ackmaniac presents no proof whatsoever 10/150/160 settings will cause any harm whatsoever to a VESC

So in simple terms I have video proof 48/200/200 is just fine & won't harm a VESC, but I wont post the video out of respect for my friend's wishes, even though I had to risk $100 to find out this valuable information.

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Hummie, post:270, topic:15995 Wrote:sure the math is right, but it doesn't apply to everything and you're telling @Ackmaniac it will help him with his shutdown is retarded.

@Hummie as @TarzanHBK mentioned, in order to prevent "full throttle" cutoffs, the "absolute" necessarily must be a little bit higher than the batt/motor settings for "wiggle room" to avoid "full throttle cutouts."

and as @Ackmaniac himself mentioned, he intended to fix the 10/10/10 by raising the settings to "old values", even though he also previously claimed raising the settings would be an illogical way to fix the "error."

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TarzanHBK, post:269, topic:15995, full:true Wrote:so to summarize everything kids:

leave a bit wiggle room with your absolute max!

Ackmaniac, post:246, topic:15995 Wrote:And you advice me to use more current. Why should that help

Ackmaniac, post:250, topic:15995 Wrote:So i will continue with my old settings

^ @Ackmaniac

clearly i'm not the only one "advising to use more current." and by your own admission, more current (with your old settings) fixes the "error"

so where is the proof that 10/150/160 (360W full throttle standstil) on your rig will harm the VESC??

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