The X-Files - Thread Comments Restored From Forum
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I am a professional photographer & I used to be a member of the DIY Electric Skateboard Builder's Forum at

I used to participate in numerous discussions relating to motor controller physics, and skateboard electric hub motors produced by my friend John a.k.a "Hummie"

All of my comments were hidden/deleted/removed by the moderation team after I privately requested the operator of the forum reopen the "the-nicest-hub-motors-for-sale-cheaper-than-anywhere" thread which had been mysteriously closed by user "OnLoop" the forum operator.

Fortunately, I downloaded all my posts from the Forum before my account was disabled completely and all comments I had made hidden.

Below is a partial list of threads I participated in over at the forum.

Over the coming weeks, I will be restoring many of the following threads listed below on this forum, so that the comments and discussions I participated in will live on for the benefit of the community.


List Of Threads With Comments Hidden, or Threads Entirely Closed/Hidden/Deleted at :

the is my math right thread

understanding vesc the difference between battery amps and motor amps

how to increase torque and throttle

vesc max amperage

vesc smooth acceleration from a stand still

your full motor values

the nicest hub motors for sale cheaper than anywhere

vesc lower the voltage

peak torque 14 080w 765hz

does higher watts on a motor give higher speeds

inductive charging wireless for eboard is this possible

using the vesc to test for minor shorts in windings

question about wh

linear acceleration and vesc parameter calculations

programmer w understanding of vesc pc side software language

vesc tuning tips for rideability taming the beast

extended bldc tool with watt control mode ppm cruise control individual throttle curve and android app

determining the motor s torque

recording data from vesc summary of tools

vesc calculation

vesc acceleration boosts at high speeds

what does motor max actually means

my motor controller dev thread

hummie vs devin volts conversion to amps

board gets jumpy stutter at low and mid speeds

voice comms

what do you want out of vendors

life threatening accident because of esc maybe even vesc

help the motor cant handle the board weight

third enertion vesc failure

blew up my vesc but why

whos using coulometers

how to choose battery motor amp limits on a vesc

for all the fence sitters out there

does lower kv really mean more torque

ways to achieve variable gearing variable transmission any ideas

throttle setting vs max no load rpm efficiency predictions

how a bldc motor works and why a hub motor gets hotter

torque calculations

should esk8 vendors make a profit or nothing

emf hub motor final sale

motor kv and battery c number

the show down hummie vs jacob electric skateboard hub motor test

hub motors what range are you getting

foc vs bldc debate

whats your top speed

forced air cooling for hub motors

best hub motors

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