Theory of Everything - Standard Model 2.0
After the experience at (where no "personal theories" are tolerated...) I decided to join a different forum called -- specifically because they have a section called the "Personal Theories & Alternative Ideas" section -- but at first I posted a couple questions in the "physics" section to test the waters....


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After several days without a reply to my physics question, I posted my actual theory to the "Personal Theories & Alternative Ideas" section...


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The following was posted to the "Personal Theories & Alternative Ideas" section...
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At this point I was banned from the forum for 3 days, and my thread locked, closed, and moved to the "Trash Can" section...
[Image: scienceforum45.jpg]

After my 3 day ban was finished (yet my thread still locked, closed, and moved to the "Trash Can" section...), I decided to ask a follow up questions with regard to some of the counter-arguments that were presented against my theory...
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[Image: scienceforum42.jpg]
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[Image: scienceforum44.jpg]
After several days, still no answers have been presented with regard to the questions put forth....

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