Theory of Everything - Standard Model 2.0
Open Letter To Particle Physicists;

Through the course of conducting my own research, I have made some mathematical observations resulting in a theory published 3/23/17 which states that "Down Quarks" are composite particles, composed of a total 7 other particles of 4 types-- (1) up quark, (3) up antiquarks, (1) electron & (2) positrons.

Evidence for this includes the charges of the 7 particles mentioned above adding up to -1/3, like the "Down Quark." Also the odd number of particles (7) means the resulting composite particle would be a spin 1/2 particle, like the "Down Quark."

Also the splitting / decay of a "Down Quark" composed of the 7 mentioned particles to an "Up Quark," as would occur in free neutron decay, would result in the emission of the electron, the up quark, and a 5 particle composite particle composed of 3 "up antiquarks" and 2 "positrons"-- more commonly referred to as a neutrino. The charges of the 3 "up antiquarks" and the 2 "positrons" add up to 0 charge and spin 1/2, like the neutrino.

This theory would also seem to indicate the neutrino is much more massive than commonly believed-- heavier than an electron or up quark, in addition to being a composite particle, rather than fundamental. The larger than expected mass of the neutrino may in fact be an explanation for the composition of dark matter. The theory also implies that there are only 4 truly fundamental particles-- electrons, positrons, up quarks and up antiquarks-- with all other "particles" being composed of combinations of these.

Also part of the theory is that electrons and positrons, rather than annihilating, bind to form a different type of neutrino when they collide, charge 0 spin 0, which remains to interact gravitationally. The same would be true for "annihilation" of up quarks and up antiquarks. These joined particles would only interact gravitationally or through direct collision with other particles, similarly to what is observed with neutrinos.

Another implication of the theory is "ordinary matter" is in fact composed of significant portions of "antimatter" -- possibly explaining the "missing antimatter" in the universe-- ie it's all around us.

I have attached a composite particle diagram, a composite down quark charge description and a link to the publication at the forum for you to review.

Any comments at all about this theory would be most sincerely appreciated.


Devin MacDonald | |

Composite Particle Diagram:

Composite Down Quark Charge Description:

This is where I published the theory @ Forum :
Theory of Everything - Standard Model 2.0 - 3/23/17

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Down Quark Composite Charge Description:

Down Quark (composite 7 particles)
Up Antiquark (-2/3)
Up Antiquark (-2/3)
Up Antiquark (-2/3)
Positron (+3/3)
Positron (+3/3)
Electron (-3/3)
Up Quark (+2/3)

(-2/3) + (-2/3) + (-2/3) + (+3/3) + (+3/3) + (-3/3) + (+2/3) = (-1/3)
<-- Down Quark Charge

(7 particles) x (1/2 spin) = (1/2 spin) <--Down Quark Spin

Down Quark
Charge: (-1/3)
Spin: (1/2)

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