What's Your Top Speed?
With all the different types of boards setups people are using these days, I'm looking for numbers based ways to make comparisons of speed and efficiency between different board types so folks can get a better idea what kind of performance and efficiencies can be expected!

For this thread I would like to focus on flat closed-loop tests of top average speed full throttle over a lap with full speed rolling starts. (edit: since measuring downhill or with a tailwind would influence the numbers higher, averaging speed on a closed loop accounts for going both with and against any wind, and up/down any slight inclines.)

Testing method set up timer on video at the start/finish line. Cross the starting line at full speed. Record Start/Finish Time. Measure the length of the loop with an online mapping tool. Use the distance covered in one lap and time measured in seconds to calculate top average speed. Record rider name, date, time, whether/not full throttle, average speed, controller amp limits, controller type, controller software (bldc/foc/etc.), measured battery starting voltage, battery AH/type, rider weight, location, wind speed/direction, distance, surface condition, lap time, motor kv rating, motor type.

Would anyone be willing to do the same test as below with your board and share the numbers?

Rider: @Hummie
Top Avg Speed: 27.702MPH / 44.582KPH
7/7/16 - 7:17pm
full throttle
27.702 mph / 44.582 kph avg over .67 mile / 1.078 kilometer loop w/ full speed rolling start
controller settings: 70/70 amp batter/motor limits
battery: 50.37volts @ start - 12s lipo aspec nanotech 5AH
rider weight: 155lb / 70.3kilo
location: polo fields track, golden gate park, san francisco, ca, usa
wind: from west 12 mph / 19.312 kph
distance: 0.67 miles / 1.078 kilometers
surface: slightly rough
time: 87.1 seconds
motor kv: 90
motor type: [hummie](http://SteelHubs.com) steel bell / steel core hub [motor](http://SteelHubs.com)
tire diameter: 80mm
gearing: not applicable - hub motor
esc: chaka vesc in foc

[Image: topspeed03.jpg]
[Image: topspeed01.jpg]

[Image: topspeed02.jpg]
[Image: topspeed04.jpg]
[Image: topspeed05.jpg]

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