Anomalies Present in Enertion Video / Data Logging Software?
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Ackmaniac Wrote:That's unacceptable. Somebody should call the cops.
Or we found a new source of free energy.
Little hint, check what happens when a float get's converted to a int.

flat tire Wrote:He asked a legit question, I would be curious about the discrepancy too. Not everyone writes code or even knows what a float is.


how would someone go about proving that the test data in the Enertion promo video wasn't deliberately falsified or modified?

after all, their marketing slogan claims their boards to possess the "Most Powerful Direct Drive."

surely there is a way to independently verify the claim.

if someone else logged data from an Enertion board, would it also not follow the motor amps x (duty cycle / 100) = battery amps formula -- or does it only not follow the formula when the testing is performed by Enertion?

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