Theory of Everything - Standard Model 2.0
^Hopeful for some useful feedback regarding this theory, I joined physics forums, and I used the above "Open Letter to Particle Physicists" as my very first posting, and then a few hours later, I received this:

[Image: downquark01.jpg]


Still hopeful to at least ask a few questions on the topic, I started a new thread:

[Image: downquark02.jpg]
[Image: downquark03.jpg]
[Image: downquark04.jpg]
[Image: downquark05.jpg]
[Image: downquark06.jpg]
[Image: downquark07.jpg]
[Image: downquark08.jpg]
[Image: downquark09.jpg]
[Image: downquark10.jpg]
[Image: downquark11.jpg]
[Image: downquark12.jpg]
[Image: downquark13.jpg]
[Image: downquark14.jpg]
[Image: downquark15.jpg]
[Image: downquark16.jpg]
[Image: downquark17.jpg]
[Image: downquark18.jpg]


Instead of the thread being closed "temporarily" for moderation, it was completely deleted and when I tried to log in again I found the following message:

[Image: downquark19.jpg]

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