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  The Nicest Hub Motors
Posted by: devin - 04-11-2017, 07:59 AM - Forum: Pics & Video Forum - No Replies

[Image: buildesk8-dot-com-banner.jpg]

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  The X-Files - Thread Comments Restored From Electric-Skateboard.builders Forum
Posted by: devin - 04-10-2017, 12:10 PM - Forum: Electric Skateboard General Discussion Forum - No Replies

[Image: 3806.jpg]

I am a professional photographer & I used to be a member of the DIY Electric Skateboard Builder's Forum at Electric-Skateboard.builders

I used to participate in numerous discussions relating to motor controller physics, and skateboard electric hub motors produced by my friend John a.k.a "Hummie"

All of my comments were hidden/deleted/removed by the moderation team after I privately requested the operator of the forum reopen the "the-nicest-hub-motors-for-sale-cheaper-than-anywhere" thread which had been mysteriously closed by user "OnLoop" the forum operator.

Fortunately, I downloaded all my posts from the Electric-Skateboard.builders Forum before my account was disabled completely and all comments I had made hidden.

Below is a partial list of threads I participated in over at the Electric-Skateboard.builders forum.

Over the coming weeks, I will be restoring many of the following threads listed below on this forum, so that the comments and discussions I participated in will live on for the benefit of the community.


List Of Threads With Comments Hidden, or Threads Entirely Closed/Hidden/Deleted at Electric-Skateboard.builders :

the is my math right thread

understanding vesc the difference between battery amps and motor amps

how to increase torque and throttle

vesc max amperage

vesc smooth acceleration from a stand still

your full motor values

the nicest hub motors for sale cheaper than anywhere

vesc lower the voltage

peak torque 14 080w 765hz

does higher watts on a motor give higher speeds

inductive charging wireless for eboard is this possible

using the vesc to test for minor shorts in windings

question about wh

linear acceleration and vesc parameter calculations

programmer w understanding of vesc pc side software language

vesc tuning tips for rideability taming the beast

extended bldc tool with watt control mode ppm cruise control individual throttle curve and android app

determining the motor s torque

recording data from vesc summary of tools

vesc calculation

vesc acceleration boosts at high speeds

what does motor max actually means

my motor controller dev thread

hummie vs devin volts conversion to amps

board gets jumpy stutter at low and mid speeds

voice comms

what do you want out of vendors

life threatening accident because of esc maybe even vesc

help the motor cant handle the board weight

third enertion vesc failure

blew up my vesc but why

whos using coulometers

how to choose battery motor amp limits on a vesc

for all the fence sitters out there

does lower kv really mean more torque

ways to achieve variable gearing variable transmission any ideas

throttle setting vs max no load rpm efficiency predictions

how a bldc motor works and why a hub motor gets hotter

torque calculations

should esk8 vendors make a profit or nothing

emf hub motor final sale

motor kv and battery c number

the show down hummie vs jacob electric skateboard hub motor test

hub motors what range are you getting

foc vs bldc debate

whats your top speed

forced air cooling for hub motors

best hub motors

[Image: 3801.jpg]

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  Static Load vs Dynamic Load
Posted by: devin - 04-07-2017, 08:12 AM - Forum: Hub Motor Forum - Replies (1)

I'm not sure whether any static load test really tell the whole story of durability...

[Image: static-load.jpg]
[Image: 17663741_182626692246407_3722361556017610752_n.jpg]

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  12mm vs 8mm Hub Motor Axles??
Posted by: devin - 04-03-2017, 04:19 PM - Forum: Hub Motor Forum - Replies (3)

[Image: 12-vs-8.jpg]

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  Theory of Ferromagnetism
Posted by: devin - 03-25-2017, 12:41 PM - Forum: Off Topic Forum - Replies (1)

Theory of Ferromagnetism

by Devin MacDonald

In Iron-56, strong exchange interactions occur between the 4 unpaired 3d electron orbitals and the axis of rotational symmetry of the Iron-56 nucleus itself... a very rare property amongst all chemical elements.

These strong electron <-> atomic nucleus exchange interactions arise partly from 3-fold axis of rotational symmetry of the fermi surface of the 4 unpaired 3d electron orbitals of an Iron-56 nucleus, which I believe correlate with a 3-fold axis of rotational symmetry of the Iron-56 Nucleus itself, and partly due to each of the 30 neutrons and 26 protons in the nucleus possessing the least mass per nuclear particle of all the chemical elements.

Since according to E=MC^2, MASS is proportional to ENERGY, and ENERGY is proportional to MOMENTUM, each of the Iron-56 nuclear particles must contain the least amount of relative momentum of all the chemical elements.

Since electrons in the 4 unpaired 3d electron orbitals are attracted to the protons in the nucleus via the fundamental electric force, below a certain temperature, the 3-fold axis of rotational symmetry of the 4 unpaired 3d electron orbitals become coupled with the 3-fold axis of rotational symmetry of the Iron-56 nucleus itself... a very rare property amongst all chemical elements.

Above a certain temperature, "phonons" destroy this symmetry-axis "coupling" effect. So unlike other elements, when the electrons pass through nearby wires, this ultimately changes the rotational symmetry axis of nearby Iron-56 nuclei, not just the 4 unpaired 3d electron orbitals themselves.

Evidence supporting the 3-fold axis of rotational symmetry of the Iron-56 nucleus comes from experimental close-packing of 56 magnetized spheres (pictured below).

As a result of this property of "coupling" between the electron orbitals and nuclear rotational axis of symmetry in certain materials like Iron-56, due to low nuclear momentum and shared electron/nuclear symmetry, we witness both "spontaneous ferromagnetism" and mysterious "inductance" in the world around us.

Devin MacDonald
BuildElectricBoards.com | TPPSF.com

[Image: ferromagnetism1.jpg]
[Image: ferromagnetism2.jpg]
[Image: ferromagnetism3.jpg]
[Image: ferromagnetism4.jpg]

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  Theory of Everything - Standard Model 2.0
Posted by: devin - 03-23-2017, 08:16 AM - Forum: Off Topic Forum - Replies (7)

[Image: theory-of-everything.jpg]

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  Impact of "Serial Cells vs. Parallel Cells" battery configuration
Posted by: SimosMCmuffin - 03-11-2017, 04:05 PM - Forum: Electric Skateboard General Discussion Forum - Replies (4)

'sup, this thread's purpose is to give people some guidance on what kind of battery configuration to build based on their needs for speed and range.

I've been doing some testing on my own board about the effects of battery configuration on range and speed and then doing test runs and logging up the gps data and later the state of the battery as I've charged it. I've have then logged the information on a google drive sheet to display the results of each cruise. Here's a link to the spreadsheet, also select the "Gen2.1 deck" sheet from the bottom to see newer more relevant info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing

My battery pack is built with LG INR18650 MJ1 cells with 3500 mAh nominal capacity and 10 Amp max continuous discharge current.

[Image: WtBYz2P.jpg]

I have tested 2 different configurations:
4SP5 - 20 cells - 14.8 V & 17500 mAh
6SP4 - 24 cells - 22.2 V & 14000 mAh

The older runs with the new deck were done with 19/30 gear ratio and on 4S5P, then I changed the ratio to 15/30 and then came the upgrade to 6S4P. The motor has been SK3 149kV always. So at this point I think we are going ignore gear ratio's effect on the speed and range and just focus on the battery configuration's impact on speed and range. So we are only looking at the 15/30 geared results for now.

Averages with both setups doing a benchmarking run (This a standard route that can I ride at 95% time at max speed, so no any unnecessary starts or stops):
4S5P - 117 Watts of continuous power - 16.0 km/h average speed - 7.3 Wh/km total energy spent per kilometer - 496 mAh/km capacity per cell used per kilometer
6S4P - 262 Watts of continuous power - 23.7 km/h average speed - 11.0 Wh/km total energy spent per kilometer - 496 mAh/km capacity per cell used per kilometer

So from these data points, what can we figure out that helps us to determine our needed battery configuration?

The most directly relevant data points are the Wh/km and mAh/km for each battery configuration. The mAh/km value shows you how far you can go per parallel cell and the wh/km can be used to estimate the efficiency of the board.

(mAh/km) with average of ~500 mAh/km on both batteries. I can say that I will get about 6 km of range per parallel cell without running it completely dry for longer cell life. So the 4S5P conf. with total of 20 cells will go 30 km (and has gone in testing). while the 6S4P conf. even while having 24 cells in total or 4 more than the smaller one, will only go about 24 km.

So the amount of parallel cells will quite linearly change your maximum range. AKA. with 3P if you get 15 km of range, then with 6P you will get around 30 km. Regardless of how many series cells you have.

(Wh/km) can be used to figure out total energy spent per kilometer and then figure out continuous power on flat land. So with 4S I've averaged 7.3 Wh/km and as we increase our series cells to 6S or a 50% increase. Our Wh/km also increases 50% to 11.0 Wh/km. Meanwhile an exponential increase can be observed in the continuous power figure as it's is increased by 1.5^2 from the 4S to the 6S or 117 W * 1.5^2 = 264 W.

So the amount of series cells will again quite linearly energy consumption and your top speed, but exponentially your[b] power. [/b]AKA. if you have 100 Watts at top speed on flat roads with 3S, then with 6S you would average 400 Watts on flat roads. Speed is also affected quite linearly as can be compared with the 16 km/h average speed with 4S and 6S with an increase of just under 50%.

What this means in the end is that if you want to go fast and far you need a high cell count battery pack. Otherwise you're only doing one of those two. Or both with to a lesser degree.

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  What Does a VESC Look Like?? (Pics!)
Posted by: devin - 01-30-2017, 09:58 PM - Forum: Electric Skateboard General Discussion Forum - No Replies

[Image: vesc1.jpg]

[Image: vesc2.jpg]

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  what's new in the electric skateboard hub motor world?
Posted by: devin - 01-30-2017, 08:58 AM - Forum: Hub Motor Forum - No Replies

@hummie any updates?

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  Hub Motor Videos
Posted by: devin - 07-14-2016, 03:34 PM - Forum: Hub Motor Forum - No Replies

some SteelHubs.com videos:

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